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  1. renz

    Customized icons

    I'm also interested in getting more information on how to make custom icons...
  2. Ditto here... the portable version (and happy to take a beta version) would be greatly appreciated... Or some suggested work arounds in the meantime (i.e. is there a way to export current v 6 wallet into format that current portable version could take in - I don't mind manually loading the wallet until the sync can work again).
  3. renz

    No longer works with latest update

    I signed out of the beta for now (I was only on the Android beta, not Windows or Portable) and went back to Enpass 5 on all my devices and everything's okay again...
  4. I was automatically updated to the new version on Android and after syncing with Google Drive (numerous times after erasing all data) nothing shows in the app even after entering my master password and the app telling me everything went fine...
  5. renz

    Portable Windows version

    Just wanted to give a thumbs up for the newest portable version 5.5.5... Like Unsay, i'm glad that the last known wallet file automatically loads now and overall it's a great user experience... Keep up the great work!
  6. renz


    Just a thanks for developing the portable version... truly shows that Enpass is listening to its users... KUDOS!
  7. Thanks for the prompt reply Anshu and I guess that makes sense... I need to find a keyboard switcher app that will allow me to easily switch to the Enpass keyboard in those situations...
  8. I am already on record giving my kudos to the Android Autofill feature. One feature I think would add to it is to have a copy/paste username/password function right from the Notification when the autofill fails to complete for certain apps/websites. That way, if the autofill can't be used with a certain app (and there are enough that I am asking for this feature to be considered), then a user wouldn't have to open, search, copy and paste from the Enpass app, but would be able to use the pull down notification from Enpass to have the option to copy/paste username/password from that dialog...
  9. renz

    Portable Windows version

    Just to bump this again... we're now into September and remaining patient as can be, but would really love to hear an update on the status of the beta portable version (I'm signed up as a beta tester for it, but haven't received any notice that a beta is ready)...
  10. renz

    Portable Windows version

    All signed up for the Beta program and looking forward to it... Cheers!
  11. Just wanted to voice my appreciation for the new autofill feature in Android (by way of notification). It certainly makes it easier than bringing up the keyboard each time (for those of us who have a preferred keyboard app). Any thoughts on expanding to be a pop-up feature at some point (or the option for such, much like you now have the option between keyboard and notification autofill)?
  12. renz

    Portable Windows version

    Hi Hemant... Loving the new Android autofill features from 5.20 and wondering how the portable Windows version is coming along. It's been a couple of months and just thought I'd bump this (even though it is a pinned topic ) to see if there is any update on the beta status...
  13. Excellent! Thanks for that update Vikram...
  14. renz

    Portable Windows version

    Thanks JT for the suggestion and Hemant for the update. If you need any Beta testers, let me know... JT, I did bring the installed folder of Enpass to my work laptop today, but as I have no access to the Program Files folder (need admin rights for that), it won't work otherwise...
  15. I'm loving Enpass and would appreciate a portable version of the desktop manager that can be used without administrative privileges (for those of us who want to use in an environment without such privileges - i.e. at work or at a library). I don't think that's counter-intuitive to the basis for EPM - i.e. to store passwords locally - as I believe those could be stored on a USB and/or synced/pulled with/from one's cloud storage syncing solution of choice. Please consider