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  1. Hey guys, please do not play the same game again as with the initial version. If you offer a portable version, you must also support it. Or you have to cancel it! This is very unsatisfying for everyone. Again!
  2. Hi Anschu, in September you had announced a beta (2nd post). Feel free to release it. I would be happy to test it for you.
  3. And I would pay 10 more. It's a great tool! But the portfolio for the version 6 is useless for me without a portable version.
  4. Can you at least start a new beta for the portable version? The portable version was a buying decision for many of your customers and now you let us down.
  5. When was Version 6 released? No status! No release date! I am very dissatisfied with your communication.
  6. Hi Anschu, my initial question is now 4 month old. Isn't there any release-plan for a portable version? For me it would be shocking to hear that a software-company doen't plan his releases. Florian
  7. WIll there be a Beta of Enpass 6 Portable soon? I would love to test Enpass on all my plattforms (Windows, iOS, Mac), but I don't have admin rights on my office-notebook (Windows).
  8. Can you tell us more about your roadmap for a 5.6.x -Release of the portable version?
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