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  1. I am a freelancer and I work with several companies. I store all my client's information in Enpass and each customer has a folder with many sub-folders for each service. I need to be able to find all related information of a service by browsing to it's folder. e.g .: CompanyA > Servers > iWeb > WebServer01 > FTP (This folder contains all ftp accounts/info of the WebServer01 in iWeb datacenter which belongs to CompanyA) CompanyA > Servers > DigitalOcean > WebServer03 > FTP (This folder contains all ftp accounts/info of the WebServer03 in DigitalOcean datacenter which belongs to CompanyA) I don't see how this could be done with tags!
  2. Great Do you have an ETA on the new release?
  3. Hi @Garima Singh @Pratyush Sharma I've reported this issue a long time ago and opened multiple tickets with enpass team. The last answer I got was this : But it still happening in the new releases. I've tested this on Linux, Mac and Windows and they are all affected. I have multiple vaults and each vault is syncing with it's own webdav server. During the sync (after creating/modifying an item or unlocking enpass) all tags collaps.
  4. Thank you Pratyush Sharma I have upgraded to the latest version "6.4.1 (643)" but the issue still exist. I forgot to mention that I have multiple vaults (in case it you needed to recreate the same situation).
  5. It still happens to me. Enpass 6.4.0 (631) OS : Linux Sync : WebDav It is very annoying specially if you have lots of tags and subtags like me. I have reported it 2 times and even sent a video of my desktop when it happens. Case number: ECS-7048 The last response I got from enpass team:
  6. Alex

    Sidebar autohide

    Hi I've just updated my enpass to 6.3.1 and the first thing I noticed was the absence of the sidebar which is an important feature for me because I can browse through my tags and categories. The new theme has an auto-hide sidebar which is not very user-friendly and doesn't let the user to go to the sub-tags and hides every time you click on a tag. It would be nice to have an option to disable auto-hide for the left-sidebar.
  7. Hi According to the topic below the issue of 'tags collapsing on auto-sync' was fixed but I still see this issue when having multiple vaults. OS: Linux Enpass version: 6.2.0 (537)
  8. I totaly agree with ryan25 and I think you should ask your customers to vote for the new featuers/changes. I think the best thing to do is to create a poll and ask for user's opinion. You can ask them to vote for features like folders.
  9. This is not true. It was possible to create a new item inside a folder in v5 but it is not possible in v6 and you have to remember the whole path of tags just to create a new item which is impossible.
  10. I have been using Enpass for years and I've always enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the new release (v6) completely changed some of the unique features of this useful application such as Folders (which have been converted to tags). How am I suppose to find the information I'm looking for with tags? I literally have thousands of entries and the only best way for me was going through the folder structure. Now in the new update, it's almost impossible to create a new entry because I can no longer create a new item inside an existing folder and I have to add a tag to it. The worst part is I have to remember the whole path of tags which is realistically impossible. Please let me know if there is a solution to my problem.
  11. I was using enpass portable in linux so I could run multiple instances but now that the new version 5.6 is out and chrome extension has been updated I can no longer use the enpass extension . Error : I dont see the portable version of 5.6 in the website! Any idea how to fix this?
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