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  1. Going on a rampage and writing such strong words was never a constructive method of discussion or a sign of intelligence. Please calm down and choose your word with a bit more consideration. If you want to get your anger out, go to a football/soccer stadium or in a box ring. This is a forum, where we usually try to stay polite and to contribute to a friendly and productive discussion. Besides, you don't seem to have even read or understood *all* that illogic-al has written. Please try once more, and if there are words or sentences you don't understand, use google or ask an adult person.
  2. Hello As it was established, folders are gone. Mine WERE converted to tags, so I still have a kind of structure in my data, but when I want to create a new entry, I have to enter the tags manually! While it is possible, it *IS* *VERY* impracticable, and I am very disappointed. The folder structure was (at least for me) THE one distinctive feature that separated Enpass from other password managers, some of which are generally much better software, but none of them offered folder support (as far as I know). In my opinion it was an unwise move, since the main usage mode of most, if not all password managers is quickly looking up on the cellphone (more often) or quickly creating a new entry on the cellphone (a bit less often). Since I had a rather highly structured folder tree with up to 5 levels of depth, that means that now I have to - enter all (up to five) tags - enter them manually - memorize them all, because there is no way for me to look up how exactly I have to write them (both on cellphone/iPad and on my PC) - do all of this on the darn tiny cellphone keyboard without mistyping Previously, I simply went to the folder of my choice and created a new entry as always. Straight and simple. I guess that now the (container) XML files are a bit simplified, but the processes are more complicated. What angers me additionally is that now there is a premium version, for which I have to pay (again), and the one feature I was still missing in Enpass (custom templates) is only present in the premium version. Six bucks for the PC, six for the mobile version, and again six for the Mac. I was promised a lifetime license when I bought it last time. The way I see it, the version 7 will be "gold" and will cost more money, version 8 "platinum" and will cost even more, the version 9 "vibranium" and so on. I know that development costs money, but milking users was and stays an unpopular move, especially when the software loses important features. I'm already looking for an alternative which still offers support for a hierarchical structure. Any recommendations? regards Waira
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