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  1. Thanks for updating to Enpass 6.0.4. But now the Enpass Extension in Safari doesn't work anymore! Damn...
  2. I got the newest update and this behaviour is gone... So all good now
  3. Hi, the same behaviour I got with Safari... Here is my discussion Need to click twice But with the newest Update it's gone and I can click only once....
  4. Hi, I use Safari and a Wacom Tablet. When I want to open Enpass via Browser Extension, I usualy click on it and it should open the window instantly. Well that's what I want, but it's not working that way. I have to click on it a second time, then Enpass opens. (I'm not talking about double-clickin') Can anybody change that behaviour or is it a bug? It's very annoying.... Thanks Mauko
  5. Thank you, But all my folders are gone an no tags beeing created... sorry I have to manually do this again (got 907 passwords) ...
  6. Well I did upgrade and it didn't make Tags out of my folders. So that's not doing the job. The good thing was folders and subfolders. Why did you cancel this out?
  7. Hi, is this correct? Enpass 6 doesn't do folders anymore? Hope not.... I don't see them or can create some like in Enpass 5 It's hard to see with this strange gui anyway...
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