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  1. jane

    How to sort list?

    I’ve been using Enpass on android and my Windows computer and generally keep the list of items in order of most recent. I now have the app on iOS and can’t find how to do that. is that option available on iOS?
  2. My display was all messed up, with the text in the wrong places. I added the environment variables as listed in the faq (set to 1.75 for my surface pro 4) and now they line up properly but the font is way too small. Also, this is going to break when I get back to work and dock to a HD monitor if it keeps using the settings for the 4k surface display since the environment variables would need to be set differently. See the screenshot for the size of Enpass display compared to the size I have in my browser which is how I want it. Really I should be able to scale it, but you can see by the comparison to the size of the editing toolbar that the Enpass items are tiny). What are you doing to fix this issue?
  3. My primary monitor is sometimes the surface display and sometimes an external monitor. Scaling needs to be different for the different monitors, how should I set this up?
  4. I'm having the same problem - Surface pro 4, scaling set to 175%
  5. I also had the beta box checked already. I used Check for Updates on the help menu and it found the new version. It is working for me now with the update.
  6. I'm having a similar problem. I had been successfully using the extension in Edge, but I recently updated the desktop application to 5.5.3. Since then the extension is not working in Edge. I have enabled it and I get the icon in the top right, but clicking on it does nothing. If I right click I do get a popup menu with "Show next to address bar", Manage, Enpass and "Inspect popup" but clicking Enpass on that menu also does nothing. The extension is working in Chrome on the same machine.
  7. Thanks for the update Vinod. All the browser extensions (such as Chrome) need to use the desktop version currently, is that correct? I assume that your plan would be that all could use the UWP app once you get the api support? That would be great.
  8. Oh, one more thing - I don't really have a problem with Enpass saying they need different APIs to do what they want to do and that they won't do an extension for Edge before getting those, but I would like them to say that explicitly. Then I could decide to switch to a different browser (although my chrome extension isn't working at all at the moment).
  9. Actually I was referring to my question from August 3rd asking if I had the right version, and also the question from kLy about if there is a way to stop Edge asking about it every time. Neither of those got an answer, and they seem straightforward. And I would like to know if they are committed to doing an extension still. I don't think Microsoft is going to change the API soon, so I think the question is, will Enpass look at other approaches or just say they can't do anything until the API changes? I read the blog post as saying they can't do anything which suggests the extension is a long way away. I am using it, but I'm not very happy with having to tell edge to enable it every time. I know the desktop version is free, but I have paid for the one for my Windows mobile phone so I'm not prepared to just say thanks. I would pay for the extension if that helped.
  10. I did choose to sync as I am using Enpass on multiple devices and I've been trying Lastpass as well as Enpass. I do prefer the level of control over where my encrypted data goes with Enpass, and I like the idea of the Windows app version which uses Hello, but it is currently no use since the extension needs the desktop version. The Lastpass extension runs without needing a desktop application and it decrypts locally. Enpass hasn't made that work, and they haven't replied here for 3 weeks either so they don't seem to care about it much. I had decided to go with Enpass, with the hope they would fix these issues, but my hopes are fading.
  11. I had the previous beta version installed and have now updated to 5.3.1. The extension still shows as v5.2.2 is that correct? Or is the new one not installed properly?
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