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  1. Thanks so much for the fix. Updating all my devices now.
  2. Can we know when exactly the update is coming out? This is affecting my ability to sync the password file on about a dozen devices.
  3. After a few months of this issue not occurring for me I hit again today. I am on 6.4.3 (666).
  4. Well I guess its not fixed yet then and I have just been lucky.
  5. I actually have not had the problem in a few weeks (knock on wood). I was originally on 6.4.1 (642) when I was having the problem, and I am now on 6.4.2 (662). Don't know if the issue was fixed in 6.4.2 (662) but I have not had the issue in a while after having it at least weekly (and sometimes more) before.
  6. I would also like to see the feature if Windows Hello is enabled, not needing to retype the Master Password after a restart. This behavior would be similar to my Android Phone and Apple iPad that it always uses biometrics.
  7. Add Duplicate to the right click menu when right clicking an item
  8. Thank you @Pratyush Sharma. Once you have a fix can you please post here.
  9. Are you having a problem with your OneDrive (Microsoft account) password or your Enpass master password trying to open the Enpass file on OneDrive? It is not clear from your posts.
  10. And the problem has happened again after fixing it earlier...
  11. @Garima Singh and @Pratyush Sharma after uninstalling the debug version and installing the release version, the issue immediately came back. None of my clients are able to sync with the vault on OneDrive due to a bad master password. Do you have a timeframe as to when a fix will be available?
  12. This particular issue has nothing to with Microsoft or OneDrive. I can connect just fine to OneDrive. The issue I am having is that the password up on the sync site no longer works no matter where you try to sync from. If you are having problem connecting to OneDrive I would suggest you post on a Microsoft forum. From the sounds of it it is prompting you for a code from an authenticator but you are putting in a code from an SMS message or vice-versa.
  13. @Garima Singh and @Pratyush Sharma I just had a strange problem which may be related. I uninstalled the debug version followed by deleting the local Enpass folders in Documents. I then installed Enpass version from the Microsoft Store. I opened it up and started the configuration wizard. I told it to sync with OneDrive and it connected to OneDrive with no issue. However when it prompted for my master password, it would not work. What I had to do instead was set up as a new user. When I set up as a new user and it asked me for a master password I used the same master password as before. From th
  14. Well it's been about 2 weeks and the issue has not happened again (knock on wood). @Garima Singh and @Pratyush Sharma since you appear to know what the problem is and are working on a fix, can I go ahead and uninstall the "debug" version and go back to the release version or will you still possibly need data from me from the debug version? Please let me know. Thank you.
  15. Well I at least think I figured out what was going on with Enpass syncing with my OneDrive for business instead of my personal OneDrive. It wasn't that Enpass was syncing with OneDrive for Business - it was actually syncing with my personal OneDrive. It was that Enpass was saving its local data to my local Documents folder. That folder then automatically syncs with OneDrive for Business. I have gone to my OneDrive settings and switched where to save the local copy saved from my Documents folder to the Documents folder in my personal OneDrive.
  16. Yes @Pratyush Sharma no problem. Any data you need from me please let me know. I am currently waiting to see if the issue occurs again. Have you guys been able to reproduce internally and is this a known issue?
  17. So far the issue has not come back, but it has taken up to a week for it to reoccur. My setup is very similar to yours (Windows 10 1909 PCs and Android 9 phones, although I also have iPad tablets).
  18. I only have one vault and one password although obviously I share that vault with many devices (~10). To rule out problems with the files on OneDrive, I did at one point manually delete everything from OneDrive and then resynced.
  19. @Garima Singh I had the problem again, but in a slightly different matter. Today I could not log into EnPass locally using my master password. This is was on the PC where I am running the debug/beta version. I even typed out my password in Notepad to make sure that I was typing it out correctly. Because I could not log in, I could not get to the part of the program that lets me get to logs. Ultimately I had to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Once I did that I was able to connect to OneDrive and my master password started to work again. I know I typed in the password the same both time
  20. I just set up the sync again. I noticed it prompted me for what account to use when I set up the sync. I must have accidentally selected the business account instead of the personal account when I first set it up after installing the debug version. It is now correctly syncing with my personal OneDrive account. I will keep an eye on it.
  21. @Garima Singh could this issue have anything to do with having both OneDrive (personal) and OneDrive for Business on my PC? I just noticed that the Enpass that I just installed and configured is syncing with my OneDrive for Business account instead of my normal OneDrive account. I am going to stop the sync and see if I can get it to configure with my normal OneDrive account.
  22. @Garima Singh FYI the version installed from the above link is Enpass Beta 6.4.0 (2). The one I had installed previously which was having problems was Enpass 6.4.1 (642).
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