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  1. Just wondering what the enpass team doing to their security to prepare for quantum computing risks for breaking existing encryption systems. Quantum computing will break today’s encryption standards - here’s what to do about it | About Verizon Thanks
  2. The software used is mimecast.
  3. Additional, these files are installed in the windows app directory (windows hidden directory) that i don't have edit access to (admins only) which also says it's part of the official windows store installation.
  4. Hi Pratyush, I can confirm that Enpass and Enpass extension were only installed from MS windows store. Thus it would suggest that Enpassbridge is part of the official installation software.
  5. can anyone shed any light on this?
  6. Hi All, I have enpass installed on my work computer and it is detecting a program called EnpassBridge.exe that is been classed as Malware with a 73/100 threat score. Can you any shed any light on this?
  7. I have a similar problem with 5.6.0 - with one Windows 10 machine I have it installed on it works fine, with another Windows 10 machine it won't accept the password. If I uninstall enpass on this machine and reinstall it will sync and work fine, but when I restart the machine it again wont accept my password. All the time my other machine works fine. Very frustrating.
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