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  1. I have a main vault and an iCloud vault. I want to sync the main vault to the iCloud vault. how? don't understand -- I can't copy the main vault items to the iCloud vault so how do I get them to mirror each other?
  2. How to put the vaults back in the sidebar? AND interface went back to being confusing again. New preferences confusing re vault -- have to choose? why?
  3. I don't see any option to create a manual back up anymore in this Mac version 6.8.0 (1059). my old version had a backup now button. why is it gone? FOLLOW UP: never mind, I found it when I clicked previous backups. that is not a very intuitive or Mac like place to hide the backup
  4. I had this problem on Mac Big Sur but I just quit the app and reopened and the add item feature was again available. fwiw
  5. Is it possible to keep/use the 5.6.12 version while testing the new version for Mac? I don't want to quit using what I have while I test the new version; can I do that? thanks!
  6. First off: I really like and appreciate Enpass for mac os x (using 10.11.6). However, I do find that it doesn't back up on a regular basis, very inconsistent. I usually have to remember to manually back it up. It will often go a week or more without backing up. but some times it'll back up every other day (rarely). Just FYI. Thanks again. Also sometimes it causes safari to use 100% of cpu, then i have to turn it off (browser extension). Seems only to be on certain sites btw.
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