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  1. Hey there! I guess one problem always persists: You need to have at least some physical access to your vault. No matter if you sync by Dropbox, WebDAV or any other service: If you don't have the credentials to access that service somewhere outside of Enpass, then you just can't get Enpass to use that file. That's basically my interpretation of what Carlos already told you, and imho there's no way to work around that. The other thing is: With Enpass 5 there used to be a portable version as well. That's the stand alone executable to be used if you don't want to install something and uninstall it afterwards. You should search the forum for some threads about portable versions for Enpass 6, pick the noisiest one and add a comment to make it clear you want that happen soon. Maybe there's a chance of shifting priorities of development resources. But that's in my opinion the way to go: Make sure to always have a copy of your Enpass vault file somewhere you can access it. And make sure to have a copy of the portable version of Enpass binary there as well, once that binary exists. Regards, Stephan.
  2. goli

    Sync with SD card

    That's the other one. But as stated, at least two 3rd party apps I downloaded from Play Store (which one of those happens to be my prefered sync tool) managed to aquire write access where Enpass just assumes there is none.
  3. goli

    Sync with SD card

    Hey there. I know there's another thread about that, but since that one is closed with no solution I need to open another one. I run a Galaxy Tab A 10 with latest Samsung Nougat 7.0. Since it has only 16gb of internal space I added am SD card to it. I sync a lot of stuff between a couple of devices by Resilio Sync which is not a system app but a 3rd party tool. Sync target of my Enpass vault folder is "SD://Download/Enpass" according to Resilio Sync. I can browse and maipulate that exact same folder with both, Samsung's file manager as well as any other file manager I download via Play store, such as ASTRO. Both, ASTRO and Resilio asked for special privileges before being able to write to the SD card. When I try to select the respective folder on my SD card as sync target of Enpass, the "Ready" button is greyed out. Is there a chance you don't handle those special folder privileges? Something like advanced storage api,? To make it clear: I just confirmed two different 3rd party apps can both read and write on my SD card. If Enpass can't then I guess that's a bug. Regards, Stephan.
  4. Hey there. I'm currently using Enpass on both, Windows and Mac in Chrome. I'm used to use "cmd + f2" for auto fill since that's an easy to manage keyboard combination that doesn't force my right hand to leave the mouse :). That's what I was using in 1password, and I'd like to continue using that. Whenever I register *any* keyboard combination that starts with a "cmd" key followed by any "f" key, *all* cmd keys are fetched even if there's no additional key pressed. So right after registering "cmd + f2", I'm no longer able to use e.g. "cmd + f" for searching. If I e.g. register "cmd + ^" (which gets displayed as "cmd + `" in the extension configuration), the "cmd" key works as expected and doesn't catch other key strokes then the configured one. If I register "cmd + esc", then it's the same as with "cmd + f2", the Enpass tooltip opens as soon as I hit "cmd". A possible solution for resolving this would be: Having "Fill with Enpass" as a menu entry somewhere in Chrome, which would allow me to register my very own shortcut through regular OS-X keyboard management. Is there any chance to have a "cmd + f" combination working on OS-X? Regards, Stephan.
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