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  1. I would like an answer to that question too. Why do you treat your Premium customers better then the Pro customers that helped you in the beginning by buying licenses and recommendation to friends? I paid for three licenses (iOS, Android and Windows). For the fee of 10 EUR I can start an account with Bitwarden where I am not a second class customer. Think about it!!!
  2. There is no mentioning the pro users will be allowed to run a castrated version only. At least give pro users a reasonable one time purchase option to be premium in the future (like 10 USD). Don’t forget that pro users helped you get where you are now! Cheers.
  3. Please clarify the issue and your future plans to handle lifetime pro users ASAP. Thanks @chase to bring this to the community’s attention.
  4. Is it possible that Enpass 5.5.7 has a bug: after minimizing the main window with with the left yellow minimize button in Mac, clicking on the Enpass icon in the dock won't bring back the application. Does anyone have the same problem? Very annoying. A fix would be highly appreciated.
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