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  1. Great to hear, any idea when, I love encase, but the constant crashes are killing me :-)
  2. Yes, I get a hang and then it crashes trying to import 1900 items. It does work for 3 items I find. I also tried 810 items (doing binary search for the tipping point). On MacBook Pro 2016, it takes about 10 minutes but does eventually succeed. Activity Monitor reports the application as hung, so I think the issue is that with long imports the application is incorrectly reporting that it is not functioning. It crashes at about 1100 records at least on my data set: Items. Status. Time 3. Works. Seconds 810. Works. 10 minutes 1042. Works. 20 minutes 1139. Fails. 20 minutes 1949. Fails. About 30 minutes or so
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