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  1. I use Enpass to manage the passwords of all my clients (therefore I only use the vault software, not the browser extension). I create a folder for each client and then store their associated passwords underneath it, so I often have duplicated titles under different clients. For example: - Client 1 AWS Cloudflare Google - Client 2 Cloudflare - Client 3 Webfaction ... A couple of great time-savers would be: 1) If when I start typing a title it could autocomplete based on others previously entered 2) If, when choosing an autocompleted title, it could populate the URL field with the URL that was last used for that title. i.e. if I'm entering Cloudflare then it makes sense that I'll want to use the same URL as I have done previously. Thanks again for all your work, sorry for so many requests
  2. I've recently migrated from Keepass. One thing I miss is the ability to copy a password to clipboard using CMD+C... any chance this could be added in a future version? Thanks for all your work on Enpass. Edit: I've just found this post and the list of supported shortcuts: Perhaps you could introduce a way to make these customisable, in future?
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