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  1. I use Enpass to manage the passwords of all my clients (therefore I only use the vault software, not the browser extension). I create a folder for each client and then store their associated passwords underneath it, so I often have duplicated titles under different clients. For example: - Client 1 AWS Cloudflare Google - Client 2 Cloudflare - Client 3 Webfaction ... A couple of great time-savers would be: 1) If when I start typing a title it could autocomplete based on others previously entered 2) If, when choosing an autocompleted title, it could pop
  2. I've recently migrated from Keepass. One thing I miss is the ability to copy a password to clipboard using CMD+C... any chance this could be added in a future version? Thanks for all your work on Enpass. Edit: I've just found this post and the list of supported shortcuts: Perhaps you could introduce a way to make these customisable, in future?
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