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  1. The entry 'Aa' should be en the group of A's and not under 'Ø'.
  2. Hi, I gave my comments to the latest update (5.6.8) for Android and was encouraged to share more details on support@enpass.io. However, I already have this thread on the blog and the issue still remains after the latest update to 5.6.8. The problem is still that when I create a new entry starting with 'Aa' it shows up under the danish letter 'Ø' (which is the second last letter in the danish alphabet (abc...zæøå) and at the same time it messes up existing entries by one line as the leading capital letter for each group is not aligned. I have attached four pictures. The first one shows the top of my entries. All good. The second one shows the end of my entries. All good. The third one shows the end of my list after adding 'Aa'. That entry ends up under the danish letter 'Ø' and at the same time the leading capital letter is not aligned anymore. For example on the third picture the capital Y is starting at the second entry with Y's and the first entry with Y appears as the last entry in the group of W's. The last picture shows the top of the list after adding 'Aa'. Only the leading capital 'A' seems to be correct. Other leading capital letters are wrong by one line. Hope it helps. Br, Ole
  3. Hi, I did some experiments and I can now easily reproduce the problem. Actually I can remove one single entry and everything else shows up nice and aligned again! I think it's all about locales. I had an entry starting with 'Aa'. In Danish that that is sometimes pronounced as the danish letter 'Å' or 'å', which is the last letter in the danish alaphabet, 'abcd...xyzæøå'. I have 125 entries and everything shows normally on both desktop and Android but when creating the entry starting with 'Aa..' it shows up correct on the desktop version - which is first in the list - but on Android it shows up last and also messes up the leading capital letters for every section. On Android it should still be first in the list and it shouldn't tamper with the leading capital letters.. If I create an entry with the letter 'Å' instead of 'Aa' it shows up correct on Android (last in the list) with the leading 'Å' but on desktop it shows up after 'a'-entries but before 'b'-entries. The _could_ be because I'm running different locale on my desktop but on Android where everything is setup in Danish it should be sorted as such without tampering the leading capital letters. Hope it can contribute to some future improvements. Br, Ole
  4. Thanks. Hope there will be a solution. Br, Ole
  5. Hi, I can see many people came across this post but none seems to have the same problem. At least no comments at all on this. Starting to believe I'm the only one in the universe having this problem. Anyone seeing this issue? Thanks, Ole
  6. Hi, Enpass was recently updated but the issue is still there. Am I really the only one having this issue? Now I have attached a screenshot from Android (Pixel XL - in case it matters but the same issue is on my Sony tablet). As you can see the leading Capital letters on the left hand side are wrong (except for the 'I' but only because it scrolled to the first item in the list. There are more 'I's outside picture). 'K' is standing next to 'Kø..' but should have been one row up next to 'KitchenOne'. 'L' is next to 'LinkedIn' but should have been one row up next to 'LINE'. 'M' is next to 'Ma..' but should have been one row up next to 'MakeMKV'. This scenario applies to all my leading entries except for 'A'. I have tried to stop application, clear cache and data, uninstall and then install again but the issue is still there. Could my database be corrupt or how can this be fixed? Maybe I should delete all my elements and rebuild the database but with a 100+ elements I would like to avoid that. And I don't even know if that would fix the problem. Any hints? Thanks, Ole
  7. Hi, I have 100+ entries on Android and all the time the entries have not been aligned with the capital letter for each section. And if you have many entries all starting with a unique letter then they are all wrong in the GUI. Not a big problem but starts to annoy me as there have been many updates not fixing this. For example all my entries starting with B is shown by the capital 'B' to the left of my first 'B'-entry. However, the capital B is written next to the second 'B'-entry and not the first one leaving the first 'B'-entry as the last one in the 'A'-section. This applies to all alphabetic sections except for A which is the first one. A A1 A2 B1 B B2 (<- the 'B' should be next to 'B1' and not 'B2') Thanks for a great app otherwise. Ole
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