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  1. Hi @Yogesh Kumar That link doesn't take me anywhere or start a download. Thanks Update: OK, I was being a bit dim! Right clicked the link and downloaded the CRX file. Dragged to Opera's extensions page. It installed and now appears to be working correctly. Thanks
  2. Hi @Vinod Kumar I'm running Opera 57.0.3098.106 on Windows 10, 64-bit, last updated ‎21/‎12/‎2018.
  3. Having exactly the same problem as @Laurent P. . Install the Chrome Extensions in Opera, find Enpass, click 'Add to Opera'. It gives me a warning and I say 'Continue', tick appears next to it. But the extension does not appear in the Opera extensions list. Tried many times, restarted Opera, uninstalled old extension, etc. Any ideas?
  4. OK, I've managed to sort it out. It was Sophos, just needed a more up t date description of the solution. Foumd one, it is to authorize IP address in Sophos a. Right click the Sophos shield icon in the system tray and select Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. b. Click Configure anti-virus and HIPS then click on Authorization. Select the Websites tab. b. Click Add, and as an IP address, enter to authorize it. From here.
  5. Recently upgraded to 5.5.7 and my Opera browser extension has stopped working. I get the "Enpass Connection Error Please start Enpass desktop app and make sure you have checked "Enable Browser Extension" in Enpass Preferences, before using Enpass Browser Extension." message. I have done this. I have tried thee extension in Firefox and get the same behaviour. I have run the same upgrade on my home PC and it is working correctly. I suspect that the security software on my laptop (Sophos Endpoint Security) may be causing this problem with the new version as I have searched the forum and have seen others have had this problem. However the workarounds proposed don't match up with what I am seeing in Sophos. I suspect I may be restricted in the settings I can change on Sophos. On the other hand, Sophos may not be the problem as I had no trouble until 5.5.7 was installed. Any ideas?
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