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  1. Hi, I'm using portable version 5.5.6 on Windows 7 64bits. I'm trying to sync to my GDrive account, so I've set the proxy information up in the settings (Settings->Advanced->Connection). When I try to sync, the browser opens the GDrive url, then I choose my account and click on 'Allow', but after that the application says that it hasn't been able to connect to Google Drive. Any idea?
  2. Using Chrome (on Android) I must use Enpass keyboard, because the notification I get doesn't recognize the site, and if I search for the right option, it only fills in the password, but not the email.
  3. In fact, on Android, for this case I was using Enpass browser, I don't have FF installed on my phone. I've used FF on OSX
  4. I'm trying the Android app, but it doesn't work with https://forums.garmin.com It works fine on OSX with Firefox, but not on Android. On the other hand I've been able to autofill to Enpass forums. Android version is 7, and I've just installed Enpass app, so it's the last version.
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