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  1. Not to happy to see them not there: Apparently Enpass was not subject to their tests. Also, all the password managers have been fixed. I wonder if Enpass has any vulnerabilities, it would be much better that it too had been tested, some vulnerabilities had been found (or not of course) and fixed.
  2. When pressing Ctrl + / I normally get that the login details are put in place in the right box. But sometimes it happens that two entries for the same site appear, both with the same details. So I need to select either one first before the fields are filled. In the desktop application I only see one entry for this site, so why is it shown twice? Running the latest version on two Windows machines and one Android phone (in test) with Dropbox sync, haven't tested the Android enough to see if it also occurs there.
  3. I've been there myself just a week ago and there is a way, but it involves exporting and importing in a different application. Pre-requisites: Keepass 2 add-on for Keepass: Firefox to Keepass: https://websiteadvantage.com.au/Firefox-KeePass-Password-Import Steps: 1. create an empty database in Keepass 2. go to file -> import -> Firefox and select the right profile and optionally the master password 3. Press import 4. Export the Keepass database (KDBX Keepass 2.x is fine) 5. Import in Empass 6. Enjoy!
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