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  1. Hello, The organization I work for is looking to use a solution like enpass across multiple teams because if the nice android app and syncing options as well as fairly well done browser extensions. However for us and our partner organizations, we need a way to provide passwords to teams in other organizations temporarily and sometimes over an insecure channel like E-mail. So there are 2 things missing in enpass that would be required to do this, however they are fairly simple to implement. First, there is no way to export singular entries out of the database, you can only export the whole database, and when you do, it's a plain text file. So the first issue would be exporting into same format, but with some basic level of encryption. after that, the ability to export single entries into their own database file, which would be password protected, which can then be imported into another enpass installation. It would not be unreasonable to embed some part of 7zip open source into the enpass executable and just create an encrypted archive using 7z's built in encryption. So generating the text file, then compress+encrypting that and then just changing the file extension to make it unique. Another request, which is unrelated to the above, would be the ability to multiple unique password databases available from the same interface, using different or multiple of the same sync methods with different database names, possibly if each enpassDB got its own tab, then making it possible to import and export between tabs. The point of this is that, when an organization is working with vendors, the teams leads from both orgs could have password DBs across different file shares mounted over VPN, and then be able to load an intermediary DB on the shared storage to securely pass credentials through.
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