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  1. Actually, the problem seems to have resolved itself between me writing the post and this reply.
  2. I just started using enPass and I thought I would do some tests before I throw anything I hold dear onto it. And thank the gods for that. I have set up both my phone (Note4 Android) and my computer (Windows 10) to use the same dropbox account. And here's the strange thing: Changing on android app, press sync, open desktop app, sync, works fine Changing on desktop app, press sync, open android app, sync, nothing updates... How can a sync only be one-way? There is no error-message during this. I have tried forcing it to sync in the phone. I can change stuff on my computer, but they don't propagate to the phone. But if I do stuff on my phone it propagates happily to my computer?!
  3. For security's sake I think it would be best to have master password for first unlock after device reboot as default. And in the settings for finger-prints an option should be there for those who accept the slight risk of going past the master password. So, a compromise between the two.
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