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  1. With all the recent updates I’ve noticed and I’m not sure if it’s always been this way but do our passwords always sit on our preferred platform (in my case iCloud) in a file unencrypted? For some reason I remember stumbling into the file before and it was encrypted (unreadable). I go there now and I see they (all my passwords) are in plain language in a txt file unencrypted and readable. Did something change or am I misremembering the way it used to be?
  2. Hey guys. I'm a long time LastPass user who just defected because of their recent (and ridiculous) price increase. I have everything on my Apple side setup and synced. I'm a cross platform user (both Windows and Mac) so I was shocked when I went to setup my Windows 10 computers with Enpass and I see syncing with icloud is not an option under the sync drop down box. Why is that? I have iCloud for windows 10 installed and running. Should I have not taken your guys claim of "Cross Platform It doesn't matter which platform you use, Enpass is there for you." on your main page literally? It's imperative that I have everything synced across all devices. I "trust" iCloud a heck of a lot more than Drop Box, or any of the other limited service options on Windows 10 version of Enpass. Had I known this I certainly would have thought twice before paying the $10 license fee. Please advise.
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