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  1. Hi. Intel's True Key password manager has an interesting approach to securing login: "Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is standard with the True Key app. You'll always be verified by at least two factors before being signed in." So, on your phone, perhaps you are logged in and able to use your local vault using your master password and your fingerprint; on your Windows PC, you use the master password and Windows Face. It would be great to have a version of this functionality available in Enpass -- one way to do it would be that when I create a vault, I set a minimum number of "login factors." Then, on whatever device I try to open that synced file, I have to provide that minimum number through the device's local functionality (fingerprint, face, password, etc.). This would make me feel a bit more comfortable about having the vault file syncing through 3rd party services, and in case of device loss, etc.
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