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  1. I have been using Enpass for years and it has been telling me I had a free Pro update. I never needed that since all as working but now the system has taking my IOS Enpass to only showing 10 items. What do I do? I have one ;Apple account and use it for three computers that are all different i.e. one for entertainment, one for Media production and one for financial. Each of these devices have different Enpass vaults. Each vault is backed up to Google with separate Google Apps emails. The financial IOS could no longer access the financial vault. Yes it was displaying that I could upgrade to Pro for free but I didn't want to co-mingle the three vaults so I didn't do that. When my financial IOS device stopped working by only showing 10 users we purchased a 1 year subscription. I then tried to update my Media Production system using a different Goggle APP account but the system wouldn't let me do that since it tried to cross-connect the Google App email to iTunes email and said the iTunes email was already used. The big questions: Q1: What do I do?. I want to register three Google email APP accounts with the one iTunes account while retaining the three Enpass vaults. Q2: If you can tell me how to retain my three vaults, how do I convert the one copy on my Financial computer to lifetime? We are seeing that once this is purchased you can no longer select Lifetime. BTW -- these two surprises make me sad because a product shouldn't just take an existing customer offline. Thanks, Allen Strand
  2. Dom et all, it seems like Chrome signature keys are no longer recognized by enpass. I had to also turn this setting off to make it work. Hopefully enpass development team will tell us when this will work again.
  3. In my case I am trying to get it to replay for the Amazon IAM service in the cloud. I don't know how you plan on solving this but maybe the user should be able to enter something into the user/password/etc fields to tell encase how to save it.
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