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  1. Hi, really sorry for being so late with replying... I use a private, none-business account. I retried with current 5.5.6 - same issue. Also it takes quite a while for enpass portale to come up with the error message. I copied the portable .exe along with the "Program Files" folder to a folder on my local drive. Tried different locations. %appdata%\Enpass_Portable has some weird response issues not seen with other portable apps... %UserProfile%\Desktop works fine... I'm using Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 on a 8gig i7-4910 workstation-laptop regards, Tom
  2. Enpass Portable and OneDrive Hi, i don't know whether this is a feature request, a bug report or a total lack of understanding on my side... i want to use enpass on my work laptop which uses windows 7 and will soon be upgraded to windows 10. Since it's work i can't just install things. So i want to use the portable version, which seems to work fine. But i cant choose onedrive (yes, i use several devices with macOS, IOS, android, windows). So i thought I'm a clever guy and mount my onedrive as a WebDAV (which works fine in windows explorer). But trying to open the Enpass-folder on OneDrive gives me an error saying the data is inaccessible. What am I doing wrong here? again, i can easily read and write data within the WebDAV-folder that i mounted as a drive via https://d.docs.live.net/CID as officially described i also tried the absolute path with the \\d.docs.live.net@SSL\CID\Enpass which again works flawlessly with windows explorer so please implement support for this :-) (or fix the bug or brighten me up on why it is works-as-designed)
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