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  1. REALLY? AND ENPASS ALSO TURNED ON YOUR CAPS? Explain yourself how is this even possible... it's an offline password manager.
  2. The funny thing is that the windows desktop version 6.5.0 (700) doesn't show identical passwords. I don't have a webform button. There is only 1 password field when I click on edit.
  3. Using v6.5.2.404 now. I have 2 identical passwords now that aren't identical.
  4. Problem fixed in windows now with newest release. I still have problems on Android. But that's maybe because I can't create an exclusion rule on Android?
  5. I'm now at 858kB But even when I remove stuff it won't shrink It will just make it bigger. For me it's not a big problem yet but it will be.
  6. Anything about this? Database is still growing even when I remove stuff. What will happen when I do a factory reset and import the data that I just exported? Will the database shrink?
  7. I have 2 identical password that's correct but I did put them (both) on the audit exclusion list. They are still showing up as identical.
  8. Looks like problems on Android still exist.
  9. I tried to exclude a password and it's in the audit excluded list. But it's still showing on the audit identical. Can I rebuild this audit list?
  10. I did the enpass reset on win10 home. Ehmm enpass version probably the latest (store automatically updates). Don't need to check Enpass, updates don't go that fast. And otherwise it's updated now.
  11. Have you tried to type the password in notepad? Your keyboard may be in the wrong keyboard layout. Did you used enpass 5 on previous pc and now trying to run it on enpass 6? Just checking....
  12. I think this is a bug that shouldn't happen. I did an enpass reset but after I wanted to re-run the sync again I came to the conclusion that my webdav sync file was also gone. I did the enpass reset on win10 the webdav file was on a synology NAS. No worries I made multiple back-ups of the enpass vault.
  13. Yep WebDAV with Synology is working great overhere! I added the vault in a Synology Drive map (version history) so I can restore the vault when needed (never needed it). I'm using Cloud sync to create an extra backup on my dropbox. In the past I had some problems with connecting to WebDAV through enpass. I think it depends on the device but most of the time you need to link it to the enpass folder ( https://www.domain.com:port/home/Drive/Enpass ) or just the folder before that ( https://www.domain.com:port/home/Drive/ )
  14. Nothing about this? Cleanup password history or cleanup unused fields.
  15. I have the samy issue here on android. I fixed all identical passwords on windows and my android phone succesfully synced. Android enpass menu says 4 identical passwords when I open it there are only 2 but they are not identical.... Tried to delete the cache but that didn't help. Any other way to refresh that list?
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