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  1. It wouldn't be that difficult to remove a piece of code. But they don't take customers seriously anyway.
  2. The breach monitor already exist in older releases but has been removed for us now. It's a feature called haveibeenpwned.com but they are calling it a breach monitor now and ask for more money.
  3. You still think they are going to change this?
  4. As a programmer you would fixed that damn Enpass bug. The vault is even growing when you delete stuff.
  5. Why syncing a 900KB vault file between multiple computers. In keepass I could create the same file with 90KB. Enpass vault file grows forever even when you delete stuff it grows.
  6. https://keepassxc.org/ for Mac, Windows and Linux. Best keepass you can get. I'm using keepassdx on my android phone (still a little bit in beta but good enough for me). Sync between them not really a problem. Just let it sync by other programs like Dropbox or OneDrive. I'm using my Synology NAS with Synology Drive app. Your vault file will be much smaller (Enpass is a mess).
  7. Don't forget to make a beautiful review at your play store or app store.
  8. Still like this forum because this company is funny. You guys should also switch to an other better password manager. For me it was the best move I should have done earlier. Now I know enpass is a crappy password manager even if they give it away for free I don't want it anymore.
  9. I am also completely switched with only benefits. I even have better security now! A better keyfile. A database file that is much smaller than that of enpass (as in 10x smaller). I can't accidentally delete a password with my phone because it opens my vault as read-only by default unless I indicate I want to edit (also solves sync problems or corrupt db file). A better design in my opinion. A better chrome plugin that detects even login fields that enpass couldn't detect. I don't have to pay for it (although I did donate on both applications). Thx to https://keepassxc.org/ and https://www.keepassdx.com/ . I say bye to enpass. Good luck with your premium users. I wouldn't recommend enpass anymore.
  10. Well it's not only this. The poor support that can only copy / paste sentences here. Things that are still not fixed after months and they only say we are working on it. And now I'm trying to export my database and it's a complete mess. I can't do anything with it. I am now manually transferring 300+ passwords. I don't mind spending money on good products but this is just @!$!%&! mean. I even accidentally bought an enpass premium subscription for a year now (I wish I didn't). And now find out that enpass is not that great. Yes I'm a little bit frustrated.
  11. Why waiting for an answer? They wil say 'we will not make a platinum version'. And after that they will make diamond features and they didn't lie. That's why you can't trust them anymore. And really enpass is a mess. Have you tried exporting the enpass database and checking the csv file? Also my database file has been reduced from 900KB to 30KB by only importing it into keepass. Enpass isn't as good as I first thought.
  12. Article says it's a new feature but they removed the old audit feature... using a service like haveibeenpwned.com is nothing new in enpass. The only thing completely new is the one time password check.
  13. This is just bad business management. I won't be surprised if enpass is bankrupt in a few years. I'm testing KeepassXC for desktop and KeepassDX for phone now. It looks like I also solved the sync problems. Just need to test some more. I have to do a manual export because the export from enpass to keepass is a complete mess. On the plus side, my DB file has been reduced from 900KB to 30KB, something enpass still can't do after numerous requests. So maybe I will switch earlier than next year
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