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  1. hello, @Manish Chokwal 2FA works well, and thats really great, but I'm talking about situations when site give you otpauth:// url. For now enpass desktop app doesnt know what to do with it. I'll describe the case: We've got 2fa token generator at work, it gives you otpauth:// url after sms confirmation. Default behavior that is happening in OSX - keychain app is opened and ask you to choose password item to add otp to it. (So url contains otp tocken which is autoinserted to form) What I've tried: change default url association for optauth:// from keychain to enpass, but for now enpass just opened and thats all. And it will be great, if enpass app got otpauth:// it asks for create or choose item to add otp to it, and insert token url to otp field. Hope i describe it)
  2. Could you pls add support for handling otpauth urls? For now if I set enpass as default app for that type of links - I just have got opened app, without filled up token.
  3. Idea for users without touchID and several langs(not only eng) on OS could you pls add visual mark with system lang for master password input? Or if master password could be only in english - just force it. Thanks
  4. Hello, I've to login to several portals with url like host1.domain2.domain.com host2.domain2.domain.com etc and extension want to change default autofill for domain.com every time i login to any subdomain. Maybe its better to get all url from "https://" till first "/" at the end (same thing with saving new passwords, I dont think that i need all that staff after ".com/" Thanks
  5. double-click to copy Hi, can you add ability to copy info(pass/login/etc) by double-click on the field. (look at screenshot) PS I was really surprised that this feature request doesn't exist. (or maybe i use search too bad)
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