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  1. Merge 2 cards Hi, Is there a way to merge 2 existing cards with data? For example, I have a fully filled card that I would like to merge with another one, containing extra data (like "Visa" card and separate "bank account" one). How could I achieve this? Thanks for your help
  2. Mapping a template after creation Hi, is there a way to get some fields from a template, into an existing card For example, by surfing on Internet, I could create automatically a new card with credentials, based on the default "identity" card (login, pwd, url). But I want to add extra fields to this card, which are for example already defined in "social security" template, to be able to fill my id and so on. How could I merge the fields of the template, into my existing card? Thanks for your help
  3. Linking a card to another (internal links) Hi, is there a way in Enpass to link 2 cards to each other inside the app? For example, I have a "bank account" card and a "flat loan" card related to this bank; I would like to link these 2 cards inside the app, so I can jump from one card to another Thanks in advance
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