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  1. I will do that. Can you explain me why is Enpass not recognizing the existng input field at the site for the username?
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, because of your knowledge i have edited my entry in Enpass. I moved the password of it to the field "Username". So Enpass would have to put the password in this text field, right?
  3. Yesterday i installed the newest version, but the problem still occurs. Any news to this issue? Could you reproduce it with my description?
  4. Hi @Manish Chokwal Thanks for the statement. I think we talk over the different scenarios. You talking from the Login or create a new container. I'm talking about an existing container. I have created another example for this: https://filecrypt.cc/Container/2F8EAEEEC6.html. The password is >>>test<<< (without arrows).As you can see, the BaseURL is the same as for https://filecrypt.cc/Register.html. The ID of the input field for the password in an existing container (https://filecrypt.cc/Container/2F8EAEEEC6.html) is called "p4assw0rt". The name of the same field is "password". The entry in Enpass has the Website parameter set to "https://filecrypt.cc" and the Password parameter set to "test". So, should Enpass recognize the field correctly and enter the password?
  5. The error has existed for over 4 months and since then I've unfortunately only read the same answer. We use Filecrypt many times every day and the handling is just cumbersome. Having to manually copy the data every time gets on our last nerve. It is therefore desirable that the error is corrected as soon as possible.Thanks for that.
  6. Hi @Manish Chokwal, Is there an ETA for the version that fixes the bug?
  7. Hi @Manish Chokwal Any news from the dev team to this issue?
  8. @Manish Chokwal Today Enpass displays me, that a new version (6.8.1, 1063) is available. The add-on in Mozilla Firefox is installed in version 6.7.5. The Problem is still the same. :-(
  9. Hi @Manish Chokwal At this time Enpass do not display an new version. It is installed 6.8.0 (Build 1059)
  10. @Manish Chokwal Any news to this issue?
  11. An account is not necessary. A simple container is enough. I created one for you. Link: https://filecrypt.cc/Container/5F2B023D07.html Passwort: Masterframe Reproduction: 1) Create an entry in Enpass. The password in the Username field. 2) Open the url of the test container in the browser. 3) Select the created entry via the Enpass add-on.
  12. Thanks for the new version. I just installed the new version. Unfortunately the problem persists. Could the ID of the input field be the problem? <input type="text" name="password" id="p4assw0rt" autofocus autocomplete="off" placeholder="Passwort eingeben">
  13. The parameter is already unchecked for the item in Enpass. Checked it again carefully. The version from the Microsoft Store is no option for me. Yes, it is. It should stay that way.
  14. The issue occur at the moment only on the mentioned website in booth browsers. It start's with a update of Enpass last year (Q3 or Q4 2021)
  15. Hello, i open a custom link from the website filecrypt.cc, click the browser extension, click on the entry to fill in the password. Instead of entering the password, a new tab will open. If I close the new tab and try again, it happen again. The version of the Enpass App you are using: 6.7.4 (933) The version of the Enpass extension you are using: 6.7.5 The devices and their OS on which this is happening: Fujitsu Notebook with Windows 10 Professional Which Browser do you use: Mozialla Firefox & Google Chrome Regards
  16. Hey @Garima Singh any news for this feature request?
  17. Hey, no problem... i found a other german webhoster (Hetzner Storage Box), who supports basic authentification. So i can test the synchronization now. :-)
  18. Hi, is there for Enpass 6 a release date (for example Q4/2017)? Regards
  19. Credentials invalid on ios app Hi Guys, i have webspace at a german webhoster - domainFactory. I created a webdav user for sync the data(base) between ipad, iphone and my notebook (windows 10). At first i installed Enpass on my notebook and configured sync with my webdav credentials - works. After that i installed the app on my iphone/ipad. Afterwards i want to test the sync function of enpass. I entered the same webdav credentials as before. But on ipad/iphone i get a error message (in german). I Credentials are right. I open safari on both devices, open the webdav server url, enter the username/password and see the enpass directory. How can i collect more information for the support team to find the problem? Regards, Daniel
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