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  1. @Todd Allcock Thanks, completely forgot the "old ways".
  2. There is no copy & paste functionality in Enpass 6.0.0 (218) on Windows 10 Pro V. 1809, especially editing notes without copy & paste is a pain. Please advice Cheers
  3. @Anshu kumar, thanks for info. Just to clarify, the history will be visible in the beta without a start-over/re-import of my data? Cheers
  4. @Anshu kumar, have you heard back from the developers in reference to the missing PW history? Furthermore, I can not right-click in Enpass 6, so it's not possible to copy or paste in any field. Cheers
  5. Hi Anshu kumar, the OS is Windows 10 Pro V. 1809 and Enpass Cheers
  6. After importing my data from Enpass 5 to Enpass 6 I noticed my password history seems to be missing. Enpass 6 does not import it? An option to search the archives would be useful. Cheers
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