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  1. Hey Akash, you can find a screen capture here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AmbcbFdcKnqkjoABP4tYqEr4QGRbBg The message 'Fingerabdruckvorgang abgebrochen' means 'fingerprint operation cancelled'. I swiched the OS language to english but this text was not translated for some reason. I used the wrong finger later in the video to make clear, that 'Fingerabdruckvorgang abgebrochen' is only shown when the correct fingerprint was recognized. Thank you!
  2. fingerprint authentification not activatable Hello, when activating fingerprint authentification in the menu, after authenticating 'fingerprint operation cancelled' message is shown and the checkbox is unchecked again. It is working in all other apps so far, including AppStore, and multiple banking apps only enpass is failing. I'm using a Gigaset GS160 with android 6.0 Any idea?
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