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  1. Nevermind. I forgot I had forgotten that I had temporarily turned my Iphone passcode off therefore it did not show up in Enpass. Enabling Face ID/Pass on your IOS settings re-enables in Enpass. SOrry
  2. latest version requires Master Pass rather than Face ID. I dont see the option to allow Face ID anymore. Was it removed from IOS?
  3. Yeah, I tried changing it to my Gmail email address and still only 25 of my entries are showing. I purchased the Pro version Oct 2015. I had to go thru my Google history to find it. What concerns me is their recent price structure announcement. Does this negate the lifetime of updates that I was told when I purchased it back in 2015? I dont know, and I dont see any clarity from the devs if that is the case. If it is, then they should have noted as such before I upgraded the version. I wouldnt have upgraded. I have a lot of passwords related to my business accounts that I cant access now, so yeah Im not happy.
  4. same here. I bought the Pro version years ago. Got the Registration message when opening today, and now only 25 entries accessible. I dont even remember if I "registered" an email address when I purchased it years ago. I thought maybe the email I entered today was not bound to the initial purchase years ago. Not sure if thats the case or how to find out. I purchased on Google Play store.
  5. I have Pro Android version, and Im contemplating switching to Iphone. I read that I will have to purchase the product again, since its a different platform. Thats fine. I just want to know if I will be able to restore from my Galaxy S6 to a new Iphone?
  6. I just found a video on this. Part of the problem was that I did not completely setup my new phone with Gmail account used to purchase. So that wasnt recognized. However, one question remains. The tutorial states that you need to enter SEPARATELY a First part and Second part of the order number on the emailed receipt. My Playstore email doesnt appear to break down the order number into two parts. Its listed as such: Order Number: XXX.1111-1111-1111-11111 Whats part 1 and part 2?
  7. Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone that I purchased Enpass Pro awhile back. I am in the process of restoring to a new S6 phone. However when I open Enpass app, its recognized as the free version with the limitations, so all my entries are not there. I backed up Enpass to my PC on my old phone and have tried to restore the backup on my new phone. I believe I received a message within Enpass that the app is no longer available on PlayStore and if I purchased on Google Play store before a certain date, to click here, but, its just not recognizing that Ive purchased it and restoring all my entries. It only restores the amount limited on the free version.
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