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  1. hi there. i want to be able to check my photos without the need to go back and click on the second picture, then go back and click on the third one and so on. so is it possible to be able to check for example 10 pictures just by clicking next.¿¿?? thanks and have a nice day
  2. hi there.... on the desktop, cancer 10 pro. go to setting / security.. then uncheck where it says.... remenber the location of last used keyfile. i hope this help.
  3. same here , i dont think that they are fixing this any time soon
  4. onmy desktop and my android all of my totp are gone, broken , not showing any number at all, am i the only one with this new glitch ??
  5. i think maybe if u got it for android, then the email address should be the same you use with google play store
  6. WELL the tittle says it all. i entered my email address and bummm a got a lite version on android eventhough i got it in 2016 on the play store, also all of my TOTP are gone on my desktop, anyone having the same problems here. ?? have anice day
  7. Me again I forgot sth. True Story here so. I live in Europe and my mom in Latin America. She called me like at 2 am to know if I still remember the password of her WiFi in Latin America.. Amazing I know Sure if it is a password I have it Opened the ENPASS APP ( android ) and I almost go blind, so much white color every where ( my screen background light is at minimum to save battery. ) My girlfriend woke up just to fight me ( why on earth do I need to turn on the lights at 2 am ) Sweetheart is my phone and the APP background ist white Thanks for the help here in this manner
  8. That'll be awesome, I can't not wait... Love this app for my phone
  9. That's for sure and I think this is coming don't worry
  10. Hi there. I want to create my own categories, I personally feel restricted with this thema, I used to have keepass and with it I was able to do it. I have almost 50 logins and I don't want to spend time typing in the search bar for it. Also the password manager is super n better than the one found in 1 password the only problem for me just the PASSWORD LENGTH.... Just to short because I do have also passwords of the company where I work ant they are much longer. Thanks
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