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  1. Hi there, i recently moved to a new MacBook with Touch ID. Up to now I always entered my master password and had to plugin my usb device with the keyfile to unlock Enpass. Now I noticed that I can unlock Enpass just using Touch ID. The keyfile is no longer required. How is this possible? This was a totally unexpected behaviour for me. How is this working, I mean the keyfile must be cached/stored somehow to achieve this right? Is it possible to disable this "feature"?
  2. For me the problem wasn't Enpass. Apparently my ISP (Unitymedia) sometimes issues IPs that are blacklisted by some CDNs and so my cloud service was not accessible at the time.
  3. Have you been able to solve the problem? My Android phone is unable to sync with my nextcloud account since 4 hours with the same error code you posted.
  4. The new keyfile feature is great, I am using a USB stick with a keyfile stored on it. So when I want to unlock a vault, I need my masterpassword and the physical USB device. However when I set up a pin to easily unlock the vault the keyfile is bypassed. This means that with a pin set up you can unlock the vault even though the USB device has been removed and the keyfile is no longer present on the computer. I think it would be the expected behavior if enpass checked the correctness of the pin + accessibility of the keyfile at the specified location. In this way users like me could be sure their vaults can't be accessed without the storage device being pluged in. All users that store their keys on their computers will not notice any changes.
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