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  1. Indeed, I had been using Enpass 5.6.9 quite happily without issues with Sophos (or using the workaround). Matthew
  2. mdovey

    Can't change default directory

    I was initially under that impression, but then discovered that you can change the backup location to outside the sandbox. However, if this is a limitation of the store version, this is another argument for supporting premium features in the desktop version. Matthew
  3. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible when Sophos is managed centrally. As mentioned in another thread is seems to be specific to how the Enpas 6 extension communicates as Enpass 5.6.9 has no such problems. Matthew
  4. Although you can change the backup directory, in the store version (unlike the desktop version), you can't change the default location for vaults. Matthew
  5. A few seconds after adding or editing an entry, the list of all entries in the Vault will refresh with the result that the currently selected entry is deselected. This is frustrating if you have just updated a password, and then wish to use that password (i.e. select copy), as the refresh forces you to have to find the entry you've just edited. (This might be related to the client performing a sync). Matthew
  6. It might be worth also reporting on anti-virus. I tracked down a similar issue to an incompatibility with Sophos. Matthew
  7. mdovey

    Intermittent WebDav errors

    I see this on both Android and Windows (store) versions. Occasionally I will get a sync error (code 904007 being the most common). The error is transient in that after a short while the sync succeeds. It seems more frequent on Android than Windows. Matthew
  8. Looking more closely, it seems this sometimes happens when viewing All Vaults but not when the particular Vault is selected. Although in other cases it happens when the particular Vault is selected too. It might be related as to whether the entry was archived on the machine doing the audit or archived on a different device (e.g. android) and synced
  9. How do you prevent the Identical Audit check including entries which have been archived? thanks, Matthew
  10. PackageFlight is a Microsoft Store API to allow developers to send out beta updates\new feature updates\previews etc. to selected users without interfering with other existing users of the App. It is not dissimilar to the "beta versions are available" toggle in Android play apart from the end user can't toggle it, just the developer\supplier. So most of the criticisms are really criticisms of how Microsoft have implemented this feature in Store. Matthew
  11. Another vote for premium functions on the legacy desktop version of Enpass
  12. I've had trouble getting the new firefox extension working, and have narrowed the problem down to a problem with Sophos. Whilst there is a workaround of adding to the web filtering exceptions this is only applicable to Sophos Home, and isn't available to those who have Sophos centrally managed by their IT department. The firefox extension for Enpass 5.6.9 worked fine on the same set-up so the problem appears to be related to some change made to how extensions work in Enpass 6. Matthew
  13. I get this same error, However, I am using the plugin
  14. mdovey

    macOS browser extension not working

    It doesn't work under Windows either (tried both Chrome and Firefox). Matthew
  15. I can't get the browser extension to work. Basically I get the "Looking for Enpass App…", message followed by "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app" I'm running the traditional Windows desktop enpass application 6.0.0 (198), Firefox 63.0.3 with Enpass plugin, Chrome 70.0.3538.110 with Enpass plugin "Enable Browser Extensions" is checked is Enpass settings. I've tried with both "Authorize Browsers with Verified Code Signatures Only" checked and Unchecked. Other problems: Enpass 5 allowed you to reconfigure the Icon in the Notification area from a dark icon to a light icon. I can't find this setting in Enpass 6. Finally, is it possible to purchase te Premium Features (e.g. Custom templates) for the traditional Windows app? Matthew