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  1. Thank you for Windows Hello support but it is not working very well. If I put the app in the background and then start it back up using the start screen tile or the All apps list Windows Hello pops up for a second and then disappears asking for the master password. If I hold down the back button to bring the app back up it works. I can get it to work again by exiting the app completely. Good luck fixing this! Enpass v5.1.1 Windows 10 mobile v10.0.14372.0
  2. Same here...signed up to the forum just to request this feature. Will take it one further...multiple vaults selected at login each residing in their own separate Onedrive accounts. My workflow is that I have a personal Microsoft account/Onedrive that I keep my personal Enpass Vault and a work Microsoft account/Onedrive (for business). Would be nice to open either vault with the UWP version (I use W10Mobile). Right now I can only open the personal account tied to my mobile phone. Onedrive has the ability to open multiple accounts...perhaps something like that. P.S. Lo
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