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  1. My System: Enpass 6.6.0 (775) - Debian Bullseye I had taken over the data from an old installation (restore) The path to automatic backup was there: / media / KOMM / Enpass6-Beta / Backups /. This directory no longer exists. I am unable to change the directory. The manual says: If I do that, it will have no effect. The old path remains. Is there any other way to change the path?
  2. I run Firefox 57.0b4 (64-Bit) on Debian Testing and Enpass Password Manager and it works very well. Many thanks for the rapid development...
  3. Today came on the beta channel the update to FF 57. And how to imagine Enpass is no longer working. But not only Enpass, also Keefox and Roboform-Light. I had to downgrade FF, because I do not have a password manager any more. There is a chance to get the alpha version. I would then reinstall for testing FF 57.
  4. That is not right. After the import all categories were empty. All KeePass folders have been copied. In addition, there is a folder "import", in which all data were additionally available. So the data is duplicated. (Picture 1) If I now move a record from the folder "import" to Logins, the record still remains in the folder structure (Picture 2) Since I am not 100% sure whether actually all records are double, I must compare every time. What I can do: Hide the categories and delete the "Import" folder. I am not sure if all data is deleted. Would not be nice, since I have already spent some time in the processing of the data
  5. I've been a new user of Enpass for a day. My system: Debian Buster KDE and XFCE (dual boot): I'm excited about Empass, especially because all browsers have a good working Add ON (Firefox / Vivaldi / Chrome). I have imported over 300 logins and notes from KeePass2 with mostly error-free results. The data was imported into the same folder as in KeePass2. Now I would like to move the folders into the categories of Enpass, which does not work. I did not find a selection "move". I can push an entry with the mouse into a category. The action only seems to generate a link to the old entry. If I delete the old entry in the folder hierarchy, both entries are deleted. Ask: Is there a way to move imported entries to the categories of Enpass ? There is no way to undo an action A Trash - like KeePass2 - would also be very nice
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