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  1. Hi I am using OSX Sierra 10.12.6 I synced with google drive I have not changed the default location of the Enpass db. It is located at <user>/Documents/Enpass I did not import any data from any other password app I am using an Australian keyboard layout and have selected 'Match Device Language' for 'Language' under the Advanced tab. I can send you the oldwalletx.db if it helps. Just send me an email to send it to. thanks again for your help regards Aristide Asprogerakas
  2. Hi me again It happened again and I am pretty sure it gets corrupted when you reboot without closing the app down using a short password (in this case 'a'). You may want to see if you can duplicate the issue on your side. I will try using a longer password and see if it happens again
  3. Hi Thanks for that Eventually got it to restore but it took a couple of goes because I had to go back 4 days to find a backup that worked thanks again
  4. It seems that my master password has been corrupted since I last used enpass a few days ago I mainly use enpass to store generic client data (I really like enpass's ability to customise my entries) and as such I am not storing any sensitive information therefore my master password was simply 'a' but as of this morning I am unable to login. I see that I have daily backups, however I need to be logged in to restore from these so I am wondering if there is anyway I can restore my enpass database to the most recent backup? regards Aristide A
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