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  1. Enpass should not require the user to manually click on "Save" button when editing an item to save the changes. Sometimes after I've made an edit, I do something else for a while and then Enpass quickly locks itself. After unlocking Enpass I might just accidentally click on "close" on the item currently being edited and thus lose my edits. Enpass should really auto-save the item with a certain time interval, or at least maintain a reversible history. It's great to have a password history (after you actually saved the password, apparently), but if I edited something but somehow didn't manually save it, I'd be in huge troubles. This happened to me several times already. Now I'm in a situation where I have to go through the account recovery procedure at a cryptocurrency exchange since I didn't actually save my OTOP secret, and a bug in Google Authenticator (https://github.com/google/google-authenticator-android/issues/51) just made matters unsalvageable... which is not great at all.
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