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  1. When you start typing in a string that matches one of your passwords in the extension popup search bar, the matched login is displayed among the search results. The search bar should be used to filter only logins/emails, and not include password fields. That's a security and privacy issue since the text you are typing is visible on your screen. Firefox 50 Enpass 5.3.3 Edit: the main application has the same problem too.
  2. I have had no problems since the update (including on Github). Have you tried disabling your other extensions and maybe testing a new blank profile (https://support.mozilla.org/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles#w_starting-the-profile-manager)?
  3. The Firefox extension popup sometimes shows up at random positions, far from the extension button. You could use the standard popup API to make it always show at the proper position, like other extensions such as uMatrix. Enpass 5.3.1 Firefox 48 Linux
  4. I actually know about firejail, but launching Enpass (and other programs) with it on startup will not hide their windows automatically in the system tray.
  5. Do you mean you launch Enpass as another user and block all connections from that username with iptables?
  6. After the update to version 5.3.0, the Enpass extension has been sluggish. Sometimes its scripts even become unresponsive on my computer, and I need to force them to stop, disable the extension and re-enable it again: An example of a page that causes this: https://www.reddit.com/r/olympics/comments/4x89g8/nbc_criticised_for_worst_ever_olympic_coverage_in/ (click on the [-] buttons to collapse comments). Enpass and Enpass extension 5.3.0 Firefox 48 Ubuntu 16.04/KDE Neon 5.7.
  7. Please add an option to change the Firefox browser button to the same alternative system tray icon for people who use dark themes.
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