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  1. Not exactly a customer friendly approach. I would have expected advanced notification of unsupported versions (in app, email), rather than being cut off summarily. It is interesting that it was syncing properly between versions/platforms until May 21, so that shoots a hole in your explanation.
  2. I still use a Windows 10 Mobile phone, but I'm seeing that Enpass is not updating to match what the Windows10 app has. I know the Win10 app has been redesigned, but have you abandoned the Mobile app? I tried a restore, but the file is not recognized to select for a restore. Both apps are set to sync with OneDrive. The mobile app says it last synced May 21 and last attempted today. A manual sync does not remedy. Was OneDrive syncing stopped?
  3. The Enpass Extension is almost invisible Edge with Dark Mode enabled. Please create a new icon with colors that are viewable in both Dark and Light modes. Thanks
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