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  1. Anshu - On which devices (all of them, along with OS version) are you using Enpass? iMac 10.12.2 Beta Android 5. Which Enpass version are you running? I was using Android 5.0.1 at the time this happened Open the particular items in edit mode and check are you facing the same problem? Yes, when I open the item in the edit mode all I see are the question marks Which cloud sync are you using? I don't know how to answer this because I am using whatever 'cloud sync' that is being offered by Enpass! Open Enpass in your desktop application. Go to File--> Export--> Txt--> Save file on desktop--> Open the exported file--> And check are you facing the same issue? I have run the exported file and this is what the record looks like: Title : Amazon Cardholder : ������������� Number : ���������������� PIN : ���� Website : ���������������������� Username : ����������������� Login password : �������� HELP PLEASE
  2. OK, now I'm scared to even use Enpass... I have way way too much information in the program (106 items) for it to begin trashing my information... Last evening when doing a simple copy/paste function all of my data in this one particular item turned to all '?' question marks in each and every field... this tells me I need to immediately export the information out of this program... Please let me know if there is anyway I can retrieve my information from this item... The only thing that hasn't turned into question marks is the name of the item (Amazon) and the 'notes' I had on this item... Please see the attached screenshot... I look forward to hearing from you soon...
  3. Greetings Anshu, Thank you so much for your answer and I have one further question, how can i export all of my settings, bookmarks and extensions out of Opera Beta and into Opera (stable)... Is there a utility for this or something, I don't want to have to go through and hook up all these extensions again just to get this accomplished. Is there an easier way? Thank you, RM Hale
  4. Thanks for the new beta, I have found that if I turn off the following (see attached) then the Enpass extension in Opera will work just fine... By turning off 'verify browsers' the extension now works fine and is am so happy to have this function working again, is the safe to run Enpass in this way? Thank you in advance...
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