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  1. I'm unable to restore my data using the latest iOS app (I've verified it's the latest) using WebDAV sync from Nextcloud. Desktop applications have no problem syncing, but the iOS app says it could not find any data to restore. Latest iOS 12.1.2, latest Enpass 6.
  2. iOS 12.1.2, latest Enpass 6.0.0 release from the App Store. When I go into the Autofill settings, I can change the "Autofill TOTP" option, but it doesn't seem to work. After autofill, I have nothing copied to my clipboard. Also, the "match URL hostname" option is always enabled, even when I disable it. I turn it off, go back into the menu, and it's on.
  3. So...I guess Face ID works, but is there plans to have the app updated to support the new resolution?
  4. Addition of proper Face ID support for the upcoming release of the iPhone X this friday would be nice so we don't have to resort to using pin/master password for the time being.
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