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  1. I downloaded it from Opera. Try it and see if you can find the problem http://www.opera.com/computer My OS is Max OS X. Version 10.11.5
  2. If I uncheck Verify Browsers in Enpass preferences then Enpass functions normal. What are the risks leaving Verify unchecked?
  3. I don't have any antivirus or 3rd party firewall. I have Trusteer enabled on Safari Browser but not Opera. Fault is only with Opera. Have Surf Easy VPN but it is disabled in Opera
  4. I get Enpass Connection error advising to enable browser extension in preferences. I followed the instruction and Enpass still won't work. Disabled/re-enabled the extension, reinstalled the extension, same problem. Enpass works fine on same PC with Safari. Version: 38.0.2220.31 - Opera is up to date Update stream: Stable System: Mac OS X 10.11.5 64-bit
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