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  1. On 13-11-2017 at 1:54 PM, Hemant Kumar said:

    Hello @DaLass

    We can understand how eagerly you must have been waiting for custom icons now and I really appreciate your patience. We really take every feature request very seriously and are working on it along with a huge list of other features, and for that we are rewriting the Enpass on all the platforms for Enpass 6. It is an immense task to do and will take some more time but we assure you that you gonna like and praise it a lot. 

    Thanks for your understanding!!

    Do you have an E.T.A. for the Enpass 6 version? And also very important: I already paid for several platforms, is the update free, or do we need to buy it again?

  2. Hi @Hemant Kumar,


    When can we expect this feature? The feature is requested more than a year ago and still not here. I am running Enpass quite some time and also invested in the paid apps for iOS/Android for the sync, would be nice if you guys also add features asked by the (paying) community.


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