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  1. Hi @pat6001 Thanks for reporting the issue. We will release a fix soon.
  2. Sahil Sharma

    [SOLVED] Importing data from Bitwarden

    Hi @Oscar A. Mata T. Sorry for the trouble. I agree, it was a bad experience for you. Bitwarden doesn't export the Cards and Identities entries in CSV format. We are providing the .JSON format in our next update. Soon you are able to import all of your data into Enpass. Surely, it will work for you. Stay in touch for the better experience. Thanks.
  3. Sahil Sharma

    Downgrade to 5.6.9?

    Hi @slerm Sorry for the trouble. Hope the following will work out for you. 1. You can adjust the scaling as per the FAQ. 2. After upgrade, your sync is set to disconnected by default. You just need to set up sync again. Go to Settings->Vault Settings->Setup Sync. 3. Would you please tell us which desktop manager(Gnome,Unity or any other) you are using?
  4. Sahil Sharma

    Gentoo :: No update to version 6.0 available

    Hi @Oceanwaves You can download current deb package for Enpass from here. Thanks
  5. Sahil Sharma

    doesn't fill password

    Hi @yossarian Sorry for the trouble. Please let us know the browser as well as the site where you are facing the problem. Thanks.
  6. Hi @Jake Hildreth As mentioned, you are using global hotkey instead of extension shortcut. With the help of global shortcut(hotkey), you can open Enpass assistant quickly without switching to browser. In order to use the keyboard shortcut for auto-fill, you must have to set the shortcut in Enpass extension's preferences. Go to Extensions-> Enpass Extension->Options->Keyboard Shortcut. Set shortcut of your choice. Thanks.
  7. Sahil Sharma

    Version 6 Browser Shortcut and Save Login(solved)

    Hi @achilleas Sorry for inconvenience. Please upgrade the chrome extension too. A new chrome extension is also available for the Enpass here. Hope it will work out for you. Thanks.
  8. Sahil Sharma

    Scaling makes Enpass useless since 6.0

    Hi @Andy Sorry for inconvenience. Enpass is picking wrong scaling factor, please set the scaling factor as per this FAQ. Thanks.
  9. Hi @Ace4Cars Please update your browser extensions from here. Thanks.
  10. Sahil Sharma

    Launching Enpass

    Hi @MarvinD Please try to run command "xdg-open enpassauth://onedrive". If it fails to launch Enpass than protocol handlers are not yet updated. A reboot of system should work. Thanks.
  11. Hi @Sundeep Sorry for the inconvenience . We are looking into it. A fix will be released very soon. Thanks.
  12. Sahil Sharma

    Set-up sync is not working on version 6 (Linux)

    Hi @Fabrizio Ruggeri Seems there are more than one install of Enpass (or Enpass beta). Can you please share output of following command after second Enpass window opens. ps -ef | grep Enpass Thanks.
  13. Hi @aristosv Sorry for the inconvenience. After upgrading the chrome extension, key combination will set to default for the chrome which is 'Ctrl+/'. You must have to change it again from Enpass extension's preferences. Secondly, 'Ctrl+Alt+ ' is global hotkey. You can invoke Enpass assistant from anywhere and have nothing to do with browser extensions. Thanks.
  14. Sahil Sharma

    Lost data after update to version 6.0

    Hi @szafran86 Sorry for inconvenience. It is really awkward that you can't finding the data. It might possible that you had changed your data location. Traditionally, it is in "Documents". In that case, you might choose the option "Enpass5 Data Folder" to upgrade the data to Enpass6. It is pleasure to assist you. Feel free to share more. Thanks.
  15. Sahil Sharma

    Startup does not show icon (Manjaro/xfce4)

    Hi 7Bit, It is most probably because Enpass is not able to find status theme icons at startup because icon resources are not installed/configured properly. Are you able to use Enpass from Browser extension in this situation? Also, please try latest beta Enpass 6.0.0 (228). Thanks