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  1. Sahil Sharma

    disable to click here to restore enpass notification

    Hi @XiteHosting Sorry for the inconvenience. I have penned down your suggestion and it will be discussed for sure. Keep suggesting. Cheers!
  2. Sahil Sharma

    Crash/hangs on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

    Hi @thoughton Yes, you are right here. You can use Enpass in Virtual Box VM too. This output shows that Enpass is working. There is nothing found tricky/faulty in the output. So, it is too early to say that there is nothing wrong with Enpass, it could be or not. You can do one thing, go for fresh setup after removing Enpass using apt-get remove command from terminal and delete/rename the Enpass folder in Documents. Hope it will work for you. If the issue persists, post the whole output. Thanks for your kind cohesion. Thanks.
  3. Sahil Sharma

    Crash/hangs on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

    Hi @thoughton Sorry for the trouble. I have discussed the issue with our testing team but we can't reproduce it as same. So, please try to run Enpass from the terminal using command /opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh Please post the output from terminal after hang/crash. Thanks
  4. Hi @DBoyd You are using the wrong command to run Enpass. The actual command is /opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh. Cheers!
  5. Sahil Sharma

    system or enpass idle seems arbitrary

    Hi @Random Sorry for the inconvenience. Enpass should not asked for the master password if you have set the system idle time to 1 hour and Enpass is running in the background. One more thing that clicking on the Close button will quit the Enpass and it will ask for the master password every time. To make Enpass is running in the background you need to enable the option Minimize App under Settings -> General. Also, make sure that option Lock when the main window is closed should be disabled under Settings -> Security. Hope it will work for you. If not, please let us know. Thanks for patience. Cheers
  6. Sahil Sharma

    Longer horizontal length for Fields

    Hi @antp Thanks for your suggestion. We have penned down the suggestion. We will consider it and discuss with our team. For now, I can't say how soon it will be implemented due to a very busy roadmap ahead. It is really appreciable to suggest ideas which help us to upgrade Enpass. Keep writing us. Cheers!
  7. Hi @Pete Yes, we have the option for auto-save under 'Browser' category in the 'Settings'. For more, please visit the user manual link. Thanks. Cheers
  8. Sahil Sharma

    Small issue when creating folders

    Hi @Pete Thanks for reporting and I apologize for the trouble. It will be fixed soon. Keep suggesting. Cheers
  9. Sahil Sharma

    Keep Me Logged In with auto fill form

    Hi @Tealk, Thanks for writing to us. From a user perspective, I can understand the relevance of your point. With the current autofill mechanism it will not be possible to implement this feature and test individually on all the websites. But we have plans to bring in a feature called Form-filler that will be able to handle it efficiently. I can not assure the ETA to you but will be done in next couple of release cycles. Your suggestions are really important for us. Keep suggesting. Thanks.
  10. Sahil Sharma

    more options... ?

    Hi @diego.narducci88, Actually, this kind of idea is applicable to the multiple-user architecture as in enterprises, and Enpass by now is a single user password management software. Although, we have penned down the feature as suggested but we couldn't commit the ETA now. It is plausible effort by you. Cheers Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi Dustin, Dear, you have two fields there. Accidently, both have some unique attributes that obstruct auto filling. Keywords deployed on the particular page by the site doesn't support the auto-fill feature. For now, our team is looking into logical fixing for all such websites. Please bear with us. Thanks.
  12. Sahil Sharma

    Use favicon images for logins with URLs

    Hi @DustinDauncey, Here we are planning to introduce a rich icon support for URLs and of course, our team is putting vast efforts to deliver the best. At the moment I can't confirm any ETA. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
  13. Sahil Sharma

    Duplicate Folder

    Hi Raid, Although, it has been already in our roadmap. It is appreciable that you are taking keen interest to suggest new features. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
  14. Sahil Sharma

    Translation into German

    Hi @edenhaus It is appreciable that you are facilitating our team with your precious and valuable guidance to improve our product's services. We are managing localizations for Enpass at crowdin.com. If you have found some issues with German language and would like to have a look at the translations, please write to us again at localization@enpass.io mentioning an E-mail address where we can send an invite to you for joining Crowdin account. I am glad to assist you here. Once again thanks a lot for your kind advise. Cheers!
  15. Sahil Sharma

    Clear Clipboard After 30 Seconds

    Hello Michael It was a bit weird situation when we get to know about the issue you are facing. Please confirm if I am right when I say that Everything that you copy on clipboard from any software is being cleared according to the Clear clipboard setting of Enpass. While the default scenario is that only the values copied from Enpass (and too by copy button) will be cleared from clipboard. We are not able to reproduce the issue here in our test environment, so to investigate into it further please confirm your Linux distro and desktop environment. Cheers!