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  1. Hello, This is not new, this issue exists on Linux and Mac versions. This time happened when using the tool that helps user to change a password, it shows the window with the password generator, when I click the button it shows the right record, where the password must be updated. After this I search the just saved record and it is not saved, but Enpass changes another non related at all record with the same password, the worst is that the password what I changed is in a totally different vault that the wrong saved record. This is a mess. I just want to know, WHEN will Enpass developers be put tehir house in order.I'm experiencing this problem for more than 2 years, and the quality of the software is just getting WORST. Here in this forum are a lot of good people that are very polite, when aboarding issues from frustrated users like me, please save your words, I just want to know if this issue will be fixed. BTW: I'm experiencing additional issues wehn tried to find identical passwords, the list was totally empty, when there are more than 160 identical passwords. Can't believe that it is a paid software. Regards.
  2. The issue was fixed with the latest Enpass Update related with OneDrive. I just wait around a month to get it fixed.
  3. Hello, Recently I changed the password for a couple of services previously stored on Enpass, so it asked for update the passwords showing the right record for the page that it was updating, I did proceed with the update. Then, few days after I tried to access to other web site with data stored in Enpass, so my logging attempts were denied. After dig about why it was happening I figured out that the password that was supposed to be saved in other record was in fact saved in other record. It happened 2 times, meaning that I changed the password of two sites, in both cases the new password was saved in the same wrong record. Product: Enpass Version: System: macOS 10.16 Locale: es_ES Regards, Oscar.
  4. ¿There is a proper way to ask for support? It looks like forums aren't the right way. No solution given to users using forum. Regards,
  5. Hi @Pratyush Sharma No I have not give a name with special characters. This very same vault is being synced from my Linux workstation and Android phone with out issues, using the same name. Regards,
  6. Hi, Recently I upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur, so I re-installed all my applications after it, BTW I did a clean installation of the OS, not an upgrade. Besides that I was able to install and restore a vault saved at Google Drive, then it was the turn of my job vault, which is tired in Microsoft OneDrive, but when I configure it Enpass just freezes, no error message, no nothing. I have the MacApp Store version of Enpass installed (6.5.2) with my license configured on it. I hope you can help me to solve this issue. Best regards,
  7. Hello, Another usefull feature is to get help when an TOTP is requested by a Web or app. So, you can save some clicks copying and pasting the code in te page or Android App. Best regards..
  8. Hello, Could be useful to us let us modify or manually add Android apps association to cards. When I see any card with an Android apps association I can't edit it. Beside it I suggest to use a better and human pattern to link an app to a card. Actually apps ar linked with a long and not understandable. So you can use a more simple pattern just like Bitwarden does; something like this: androidapp://com.amazon.mShop.android.shopping I hope you can consider this feature request. Best regards.
  9. Hello, I'm using the Enpass chrome extension for Mac, so there exists some pages where Enpass extension doesn't work as expected. The user is not copied to the field, but the password does without any issue. The workflow for this page is similar to Amazon, where first is shown a field for the user name, then after submit there is shown other page with the password field. I can't paste the URL because your forum complains about spam. I hope you can fix this. Best regards.
  10. Hello, I'm experiencing issues with some apps where the data inserted in to the app fields is wrong. The card that holds all the data is a Bank account item, (category), with information of the web page, debit card and at the end I added a new section with my bank account manager. When I choose the item it fill the user and password fields with the bank account manager data, that are a name and phone number, but not with the real username and password that are defined as user and password fields at Enpass. The fields for my bank account manager are set as just text and a phone number. I suppose that it is a bug, so I hope it can be fixed. Finally sorry for my english. Best regards.
  11. Hello, Finally Enpass released a version that can import json files generated with Bitwarden and I just did the import process nad it work flawlesly. Thank you for your hard work, yet there are some glitches for Desktop and Android versions that I will report in this forum at the right place, i hope. Best regards.
  12. Hello, I'm Bitwarden user since several months ago, my first Password Manager was LastPass, then I migrated to Bitwarden because is OpenSource and auditable. Before all this, I was a licensed user of Enpass in Android, but I didn't use it because it lack by the time, of a lot of important features for me. Recently I just read about the latest Enpass version (6), and I wanted to give it a try, again. So I just gone over my Bitwarden export tool and exported all the data in CSV format, (Bitwarden can export data in .json format too), there were exported over 500 of several kind items. Then I used the Enpass desktop application to import the CSV file. It took a couple of minutes to read the file and parse the data, but it shown that there were just 61 items, when I have more than 500. So, obviously the import tool doesn't work as expected for Bitwarden, and for me it is a bad start, again, for Enpass. I hope this app get better anytime in the future, because since my first contact with it, I just had have a bad experience with this app. Best regards,
  13. Hello, TBH Bitwarden works flawlessly. I have a premium Enpass license since several years ago, So I just read the news about version 6 and I wanted to give it a try again, so I installed the app in my phone and my desktop, (a Mac computer), and tried to import my Bitwarden vault. Bad experience, it just parsed 61 items and I have more than 500 items, of several kind, stored in Bitwarden vault. I'm reporting the issue.
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