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  1. Hello Enpass Team, why did you remove the internal browser!? Now i must switch between the Enpass App and Safari in order to copy other passwords. and also with auto fill password i still need to enter my master password or pin altrough the enpass app is already open...that makes my workflow more complicated! Please reenable the internal webbrowser again! Greets and thanks.
  2. That would be very nice!
  3. Hello, At home i use self-signed certificates which is OK because i trust myself But every time i try to open them with Enpass browser there is a pop-up that says: and there is just an Button for OK. Could you please change the Button into "Cancel" and "Accept Risk" or something like this? Because now i must open the website in Safari and paste in the password from Enpass. I'm on iPhone 7 iOS 11.1.1 and Enpass 5.5.5 Thank you
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