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  1. 5 hours ago, Ottomatic said:

    You were damn lucky to get $12.  Best of luck.

    In fact, in 2017 I even paid my first android purchase at $4.99 ;-)

    However, the $54 is the new price for the one-time purchase. If you only want one year of use (1 year of updates included) it costs $17.99 with the subscription plan.(exactly like a SaaS, except that Enpass is not a SaaS....)

  2. Quote

     if you want it on Android, Windows, IOS and MacOS you have to pay less now.

    I would be curious to see the percentage of users here who use Android, Windows, IOS and MacOS at the same time and who want pro version for all of them.
    3% ? Let's say 5% max? Is that a marketing department's joke?

    And here another joke: Before, pro version for Android + Windows + IOS + MacOS  cost a total of $48.(you can also add Linux too, as Premium features on Linux were free).  It's still less money than now, and I'm starting to believe that you really can't count.

  3. 4 hours ago, ThoSchl said:

    OK, One-Time-Purchase available. Thats seems to be fair. I think Enpass ist back again for me. I'm pleased! 

    It's better than nothing, but it's very expensive for what it is. The price has increased by 350% !

  4. I don't see how that changes my criticism.

    -You can be sure that pro version will not work for Enpass 7 or will be outated in 2 years, without one-time update possibility.

    -the android app inside or outside the browser, does not work very well for autofill as I said. (Plus, Dashlane works well outside the browser btw)

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  5. Quote

    Good luck. Their keyboard shortcuts suck and their desktop apps suck as well.  They don’t have an always on mini app like Enpass or 1Password 

    I will not pay monthly fees for just shortcuts that I never use, and the browser app works as well as Enpass... (Enpass autofill on android sucks btw)

    Monthly fees are only justified for SaaS.

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  6. I also don't understand how basic functions can take so long to develop, some password manager projects developed by a single person go faster than they do. 
    For example, I've been waiting for several years to don't have to enter the master password at each startup as it's the case for other password managers... 2 years of development to just add multiple vault (whithout users permissions rights) and a new UI, it's not serious. Fortunately, the app remained at the same price.

  7. Hello,

    I tested the beta enpass 6, which sounds great, but it would be even better if we could specify the rights on each password for each user who shares multiples vaults.
    For example on my vault "family" I would like to be able to indicate that for a specific password, only my wife session and my session are able to modify the information, and also for example, that we are the only ones able to see the password in clear but that everyone can make the autofill (even if there is a way to recover the password in clear with a trick for the others, it is not serious, the main thing is that the password is not displayed in an obvious way for childrens)

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  8. It only concern apps on the play store, please don't take off the autofilling and offer the .apk directly on you website without going on play store.

    Others actors of passwords managers apps are also concerned, even paid services like Dashlane so I think you should not leave besides this very important functionality.


    I prefer to return with google smart lock rather than copy paste my login and passwords each time.

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