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  1. In addition, Enpass imported nonneed informations from 1password. Does Enpass need uuid or scope or Ainfo? But you don't import favorites. I think Enpass should choose import fields.
  2. Same as above , many importing probrem is reported. And I also have importing problem. I tested import from lastpass and 1password (I'm old lastpass user over 1000 logins and test 1password also), Enpass import most correctly. But my problem is Enpass deal all import items same one, it seem login item (has username or password of form information) and note item are same. And Enpass didn't deal category or folder. That is really problem for me and heavy users. My organized items messed up. So I can't migrate Enpass though I feel Enpass is good one for me. Actually, 1Password import Lastpass items perfectly, so I keep testing 1password for now. I hope Enpass have more better import features soon.
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