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  1. On 7/8/2016 at 0:10 PM, Anshu kumar said:

    Sorry for the trouble caused guys. We've fixed the issue completely and soon will release the update. Well, we've also released the Beta version with the same issue fixed. For the time being, you can download and try the Beta. 

    Thanks for cooperating with us.

    This is still not working for me as expected with v5.2.4 (beta) on Win10 + Chrome. Chrome browser extension version is 5.2.1 of which no beta is available. I still get a list of all the ports on $domain when I want to submit my credentials.

  2. Yes, I have this too! My homerouter forwards some ports for backend services on my lan so I have many ports on the same IP/hostname pointing to different services. Please allow portnumbers to be included in the selectionproces for the browserplugins.

    Any idea when this feature will be included? Btw, I'm on chrome + win10

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