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  1. I have been using Enpass successfully on my PC and I have also got the Ipad app.  However, the Ipad says, "Currently there are no items in the list."   It shows my Onedrive name at the top, but when I click 'sync' nothing is added.  Is there a way of making it work?

  2. Yes, the settings are correct.  Also Enpass is working well now that I have it up and going.  (Thank you  :) )

    However, I mentioned this because the problem occurred before I had access to any settings.  It occurred on the 'welcome screen.'  If I wasn't determined to get in, I may have just deleted the app and gone found a different password manager.  Im mentioning this so that the developers can rectify it rather than lose potential customers.

  3. Im having difficulty with each window in Enpass.  It does not fit my screen.  Starting with the 'Welcome' page the bottom links could not be seen and the window couldn't be dragged up.  So, I tried various screen resolutions and moved Windows taskbar from the right hand side.  That helped but only a temporary solution.

    Im using Windows 10, and a recommended screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.   I think this problem requires a bug fix.  :ph34r:

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